Celebrity Hairstylist, Beauty Expert, Author, Speaker, Philanthropist


We are happy to introduce our Ambassador Program. Another way for you to be part of this amazing journey as we make Prince his-story with Kim Berry and her book Diamond & Curlz.


An ambassador is someone who promotes a specific activity.


What’s required to be an ambassador? You must be a positive loving person(No drama allowed). Who only wants to see the best for Kim Berry and her book. Willing to work as a team. And one who is committed to success. Lastly, you must love everything Prince represented to the world.


This will be an organized effort. Each Ambassador will be giving specific assignments. No doing your own thing. 


If that’s you feel free to fill out our application and we look forward to you becoming our next Ambassador. We have a limited number of spaces.


We have three area of Ambassadorship.


  • Book Ambassador: Help with setting up a book event in your area.

  • Social Media Ambassador: Promote everything Diamond & Curlz on social media.

  • Event Ambassador: Assist with setting up events. Volunteer at events.

Note: Everyone must sign a “Non Disclosure Agreement”.