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The time has come 4 U 2 place your orders!!! Be the FIRST in line 2 Pre-Order your copy of the highly anticipated book "Diamonds N Curlz." Like a fine wine, this book has been painstakingly brought 2 fruition not a moment before its time.

Through fabulously told personal accounts of tour life experiences and other shared moments with Prince, Kim Berry brings this Labor of Love to the masses.  A captivating, heartfelt recollection of her journey alongside one the most prolific Artists in the world, the book will serve as a healing agent for peace to ALL who have never truly received closure after the death of Prince Rogers Nelson.


"Hold On2 Yo Wigzz!!

Digital download (e-book) and printed copies will be available in
April B4 the
"Celebration of Prince 2k19" in Minneapolis.


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Kim Berry is an elite hair stylist based in Los Angeles. After her formal education at Pacific Beauty College, the universe aligned her life to cross paths with Prince, starting a whirlwind education of over 28 years at the “University of Prince Rogers Nelson”. For nearly three decades Kim has been with Prince through almost every one of his ups and downs, good and bad times of his career and life. Kim has seen Prince at his most vulnerable times that very few have ever witnessed. She has shared rare memorable moments with him as a husband, father, artist and fellow human being. Prince trusted her enough to confide in her over the years. They laughed, cried and even argued together. Over his career many have come and gone but Kim was able to roll with rock royalty Prince longer than mostly everyone. Kim started out as Prince’s hairstylist but end up as one of his few closest friends.



Diamonds And Curlz is Kim's memoir of her nearly 3 decades of rolling with rock royalty. In this book you will get a private up close look behind the purple curtain in the life of Prince. Kim has been with Prince for many of his major life circumstances. Very few people have seen Prince during some of his most transparent time. In Diamonds And Curlz you will get to see his life as Kim experienced it. First hand. This book will be one you will read for years to come. Read it and get to know Prince from a perspective that most will never know.

*A portion of book proceeds will go towards a charitible organizations in the spirit of Prince.